Fresh through life - 
Holistic health booster retreat

In the South of Turkey

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Fresh through life - holistic health booster retreat

If you’re ready for a retreat that leaves you feeling joyously healthy, holisticly alive and deliciously indulged, then fresh through life - Holistic Health Booster Retreat is definitely for YOU!

Do you long to celebrate and adore ALL of yourself — including your body, mind and emotional nature?

Do you hunger to travel in ways that are indulgent, fun — maybe even a bit extraordinary — and also transformational?

Do you yearn for a deep connection with yourself and the sacred you?

Are you ready to authentically and uniquely manifest your full life?

Fresh through life is your answer! And here’s why…

Imagine looking out at the shining star lights of a world’s very famous location as you let go and relax, sipping a wonderful healthy power detox drink and savoring fresh and organic cusisine in a traditional charming hotel in most mystic Southern Turkey.

Feel your body’s delight as you indulge in sensuous massages and other outstanding body treatments that boost your health and youthfullness to the max.

Sense the brisk seasonal breeze igniting your spirit as you tour diverse outstanding and most famous places with landmarks, history and legends. 

Imagine yourself sampling some of the best and healthiest dishes in the world, savoring authentic cuisine that brings nutritious ingredients to delicious perfection.

Picture your pleasure at having your natural holistic health and beauty treatments highlighted by top- therapists — and feeling radiantly fresh and joyously relaxed as you step into gorgeous nature surrounding, preparing for your exciting sightseeing.

Imagine warm, balmy nights under a glittering mystical night sky, with sounds to natures own languages. Or imagine a delightfull evening in a authentic lively town, that combines traditional and international life to the fullest. 

And finally, envision the laughter and joie-de-vivre you spontaneously share with your friend, spouse or groupe, compassionate, creative and enthusiastic while the tension of every day life slowly melts away to give space for a holistic centered feeling.

You’re at the fresh through life - Holistic Health booster retreat, relaxing in a splendid peaceful hotel surrounding, in a luxurious yacht or in your own villa in the best locations of the country and most exciting history! Chances are, right now you’re waiting for your pampering treatments, or your delectable balanced brunch, or some other uncommon delight.

But no matter where you are or what you’re doing, one thing’s for sure: You’re totally enjoying the experience, and you’re having an extraordinary wonderful holistic health booster retreat!. 

Captivated? Who wouldn’t be? Now ask yourself this…

While we will be playfully indulging in the yummy delights of the retreat, this will also be an empowering, life-conscious experience. Each event — each moment — is carefully designed to deeply immerse you in feeling and boost your health and youthfullness in celebration of natures power. 

During your stay, you will release stagnant energies and open up to new possibilities. During the experience of natural health treatments, you will bring your health and youthfullness deepest desires into sharper focus.

Through the lovely crafted journey of the Holistic Health Booster Retreat, you will learn to engage with your body in a way that is connected to nature, open hearted and radiantly real. You will deepen your capacity to feel, honor and trust your body. And you will celebrate the freedom to found the                                                                                                               inner resources of your health.

At the end of this retreat, your favorite souvenir will be a

healthier and younger YOU!